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I have had a love for photography for as long as I can remember. To buying disposable cameras every week, taking photos of friends, family, nature almost anything intriguing or just because. Over time I grew a deep passion for it. I always found myself enjoying being behind the lens capturing moments for people rather than being the center of the picture. As always life took over, kids came into the picture and photography stayed a hobby for a while. My kids are everything to me, and the dreams I have for them are enormous. Chasing toddlers around all day with my camera was very good practice, and tiring.. but it just wasn't enough. I needed to pursue something for myself, something that made me happy, and that was photography.  So eventually I returned to it more seriously, more practice and dedicated more time just focusing on this. I love everything about being able to capture those special moments for others that they can keep forever. I feel us as photographers have a special eye for certain moments in life and need to capture them. Every photo shoot is so different and unique in so many ways. I love being a part of them! and appreciate you letting me share that special moment, or event in your life.
-Meg Caliguri
*Located in the Somerset-Berkley, Massachusetts area

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